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Tavira and its surroundings

Tavira - charming town in the Eastern Algarve

The town of Tavira is architecturally charming and is attractively situated on both banks of a river, close to the sea. It offers historical sites, a smal shopping area and good restaurants and street cafés.

With its narrow alleys, the 37 (!) churches and typical 18th century buildings, Tavira is one of the architecturally most attractive towns in the Algarve.

Nearly always the fishing industry of this town was of great importance; in the 17th Century the port along the Gilhão River was a significant reloading point for wine, salt and dried fish.

Weisse Sandstrände

Around Tavira there are several beautiful sandy beaches. The three major are:

Praia da Ilha de Tavira

A lively sandy beach with an extended dune system, located on the Tavira island in the naturally protected park "Ria Formosa". Access by two ferryboat services from Tavira. .

Praia do Barril

Sandy beach on the island Ilha de Tavira in the Ria Formosa Natural Park with extensive dunes. Access by foot via a wooden bridge. Train shuttle on the island.

In the dunes is an anchor cemetery in memory of the great tradition of tuna catching with great flues ("armações de atum"), which had been secured with these anchors - a technique already used by the Phoenicians.

Praia da Cabanas

On a peninsula in the Ria Formosa Natural Park opposite Tavira. Extensive dune system, access by boat, during low tide also by foot by crossing the lagoon.

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Golf an der Algarve

The Algarve on Portugal’s southwest coast, boasts ideal golfing conditions year round for amateur and professional golfers alike.

Located just a few kilometres east to the ancient city of Tavira, Benamor was completed in Spring 2000 based on a design of Sir Henry Cotton.

Players will enjoy some of the best mountain - to the nearby hills of Barrocal- and sea views the Algarve has to offer. But maybe most enjoyable of all is a construction-free golf course within the peaceful surrounding of a former quinta.

The golf course Quinta da Ria is located between Tavira and Vila Real d.S.A. at the border of the Ria Formosa natural park.

More than 300 trees, such as olive and carob trees have been transplanted in order to maintain the ancient border of the course and the typical features of the region landscape. It also looks like as if the course is of the same age as its centenary trees.

From any place of the site, one can see both the mountains and the sea. The surrounding orange trees and vineyards give their contribution to make the course country landscape even more beautiful.

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